It was actually relaxing to get home after my vacation. Kevin and I spent four days straight tearing out and rebuilding a bathroom in his house. There had been a leak in his bathroom wall that had been there for a long time…resulting in the drywall collapsing and the insulation and walls being soaked and filled with mold and mildew! So we started on Friday ripping out everything. The short story is that we did lots of tearing out and cleaning; made MANY trips to Lowe’s; installed insulation; cut, installed, taped and sealed the drywall; and installed the tile.

Unfortunately it took us four days to do all this which meant that I didn’t have time to stay to help out with the grout, caulk and painting. I felt bad to leave him with still lots to be done, but was happy to have been able to help out while there. And I did get to spend a lot of time with Robin before we started working and when we took breaks in the evening. He is lots of fun to be around and we had a great time being together.

Robin started preschool while I was there. He’s going to a new school where they deal with special needs kids. He’s only been in school for a week now, so it’s really hard to judge how he’s doing just yet. After another month or so I think we’ll have more of an idea as to how it’s going.

Haven’t done much since I got home. Fortunately I had done lots of cleaning before leaving so the house is in relatively good shape. Will get started with catching up on yard work as well as continuing to clean out the garage next weekend. It was nice to have a weekend off.