I can’t resist a plant sale at OSH…and 25% off everything growing was too much to turn away from. So I headed off this afternoon with plans to just get a new rose bush to replace one that had died over the winter. Instead I came home with 10 6-packs of petunias and moss roses, 12 geraniums, 6 miniature spreading petunias, some kind of a blooming vine, a green bell pepper plant, 4 tomato cages…and a rose bush!

Most of the plants will be used to refill pots that will be sitting/hanging around the yard except for the moss roses which will go in beds. And now that I have the tomato cages I can put in all the veggie plants that I purchased two weeks ago! Still need to get a boatload of mulch, but that will have to wait until it’s on sale…or at least until I have the time to spread it!

Tomorrow should be a great day for planting since we had tons of rain yesterday and the ground is saturated. I would have started today except that it was chilly and windy most of the day. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer, so I’m hoping the wind settles down as well. Even the cats wanted to be inside today, that’s how cold it was!