July has been a busy month, both at work and at home, and I am glad to see it go. It’s been rough going back to work this month after being off for almost six weeks recovering from surgery. And then the sciatica started up about 2 weeks ago. Aagghhh! The pain from that is finally letting up a bit, so I’m hopeful I’m on the downside of being uncomfortable.

I’ve decided to get rid of my old waterbed since it seems that could be a problem with my back pain. I’ve had it for almost 35 years, so I think it’s time. Now I have to start investigating mattresses, headboards and all that kind of stuff. It will be nice to be able to move my bed around for a change. There’s still carpet under the waterbed that hasn’t seen the light of day since we moved into this house 24 years ago! I ripped out all the carpet around the bed and exposed the parquet flooring, but had to just trim around the bottom framing of the bed. Also, the waterbed is a king and I’ll be switching to a queen when I get the new bed–resulting in LOTS more room in my bedroom.

I’ll be working for another week and then will be off for two weeks of vacation. We get four weeks vacation per year at work and they REQUIRE that we take all of it. So, even though I’ll only have been back five weeks by the end of next week, I’ll be taking two weeks off. Not planning on doing much other than hanging out at home and finishing up a few small projects. I want to paint the closet doors in my office as well as in my bedroom and would like to repaint the ceiling in the family room. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it won’t be too hot while I’m off.

I may also be helping Vanessa do some painting at her place while I’m off. She has rented half of a duplex here in Pasadena that’s only about 5-10 minutes from my house! It will be great having her back in So.Cal. again and I’m looking forward to helping her with decorating her new place.

It is going to be difficult knowing I won’t be going to Seattle this August and won’t be spending Robin’s birthday with him. The only consolation is that Kevin, Soula and Robin will be coming here in September…and we’ll be taking Robin to DISNEYLAND!!! I sooo love Disneyland and can’t wait to take Robin for the very first time! We’ll no doubt spend time here swimming in the pool, will go to Kidspace (a local kid museum) and who knows what else. It should be a fun time!

The cats are growing fast and will both soon be one year old. Nate is still as wild and mischievous as ever! He now leaps onto everything–including the wall at the end of the bathtub/shower, the refrigerator and the mantle. He’s up on the roof a few times each week but has at least figured out how to get down by himself! Hayes mostly lays around, wandering outside occasionally, but more content to be in the house for most of the time. He still falls in the pool once in a while but climbs out by himself and runs dripping wet into the house. He looks like a drowned rat!

Will be interesting to see how the cats respond when I’m at home doing the painting. Hopefully I won’t be spending my time cleaning up painted paw prints from my furniture and floors!