Well, I was running but it was back and forth trips to and from the vet. I had appointments for all four cats (Nate, Hayes, Sophie and Mitsy) to go in for their annual checkups and immunizations. Since I only have two cat carriers, I took Nate and Hayes in first then came home, dropped them off and picked up Sophie and Mitsy. Whew!

My vet is absolutely the best out there! Not only does she do a great job, but she comp’d me for all the exam fees and I got the low cost/half price deal for all their immunizations! She knows I’ll be back, so it’s worth it to give good deals to good customers I guess.

Made reservations to go to Wisconsin over Memorial Day for my nephew’s graduation from high school. Will be good to see my family, but not looking forward to the flight. Don’t really enjoy being on a plane for 4-5 hours any more. Guess I’m spoiled by the 2 hour flights to Seattle. And now I have to start checking for some deals for another trip up there!

New baby Killian is doing well and Robin is still thrilled being a big brother. And Kevin has a new job…working as a contractor doing game design for a small company just north of Seattle. Hopefully the job will continue for some time. Meanwhile he’s making good money and is able to work 4 days/week from home which saves on the gas and allows him to help out some with the kids.

Still trying to get caught up at work and at home after the trip to Seattle a month ago. Just can’t seem to get motivated to do much. Too many distractions online and on TV. Hopefully the warm weather will start soon and I’ll at least be able to head outdoors.