My new bed was delivered this morning and is all made up with sheets (thanks, Vanessa!) and a quilt. I really need to get a bedskirt as well as a new comforter or something like that. I can make do with what I currently have but it’s just not real attractive. I’m going to check out what is available at Anna’s Linens. Just want to be sure that whatever I get is washable. I bought a beautiful comforter a few years ago only to find it was ‘dryclean only.’ It’s just not worth the cost of drycleaning–especially with cats who shed.

The cats are still not sure about the bed. Hayes has trouble jumping up onto the bed as well as getting down from it since it is so much higher up than the waterbed. I may have to get him some pet stairs since he is catching his claws on the quilt when he tries to jump up. Of course Nate has no problem getting up there, but he has no problem jumping up onto anything! Both cats have discovered they can go underneath the bed, so we’ll see what pranks that leads to. I expect Nate will hide under there and grab my legs when I walk by.

Now I have to figure out what to do with all the stuff that used to reside on or in the bookcase headboard, including my lamps! So I’ll be planning how to redo the room and will leave all the miscellaneous stuff in a few boxes until I make up my mind. Fun decorating lies ahead!