I am so happy to be back in Pasadena! Phoenix was a godawful furnace of heat! 110+ degrees during the day and lows in the 90’s at night! I could not live in such a hell hole! It was good to see family, but unfortunate that it was due to my uncle’s death. It seemed strange not to have him there.

My aunt lives in a beautiful home–but it’s in the middle of the desert! There is no grass, no trees, just dirt and cactus! The view of the Superstition Mountains is beautiful, but I like my view of Mt. Wilson just as well–and I have grass and trees in my yard. Living with all that dry and dusty desert landscape is just not my thing.

The cats are extremely happy that I am home again and are hanging out wherever I happen to be. They’ll be even more pleased when they figure out that I’m staying at home for another week!