Good lord…that day has come! Back when Paul McCartney sang that song, 64 seemed such a long way off. Even my parents weren’t 64 back then. So, even though I’m not ready, 64 has finally arrived. I am grateful that I’m still able to do lots more than my mother could when she reached this age. In fact, I can do more than many of my friends can/could do at this age. I’m in relatively good health since “Chuck” vacated my body last spring and feel pretty good most days.

Spent most of the weekend doing things I really like. Talked with all my family members for a good portion of the day on Saturday, planted some pansies in my front flowerbed and then went to dinner at The Claim Jumper with Patrick and Veronica. Had hoped to plant my roses today until I read the packages and realized they need to soak in water overnight before planting. So that will wait until next weekend. Instead I trimmed one of my night-blooming jasmine bushes as well as part of the cape cod honeysuckle bush. I had just finished clearing the leaves from the bed of succulents alongside my driveway when the heavy rain started. Still got wet, but managed to get the full yard waste can out to the street for pick up tomorrow. In between all this I was able to watch most of the Lakers/Celtics game, but turned it off before the end. It was that bad.

So 64 is starting off fairly well…in fact, much better than I had expected it to be when I first heard that song! Another milestone out of the way!