Actually wondered if there would be any Christmas at one point. Came down with cold/flu/sinus infection/whatever about a week before the big day…and it’s been awful! Still can’t get it out of my system. As a result, lots of shopping either didn’t happen or was put off until the last minute. No cookies were baked and no presents were wrapped. Got the tree decorated and most of the house was cleaned and decorated in time for Christmas Eve.

Patrick, Vanessa and Keith came over on Christmas Eve and we snacked on pulled pork sliders and various other small goodies while playing Trivial Pursuit. Christmas Day’s menu was prime rib, roasted potatoes, green bean casserole, waldorf salad and rolls. The prime rib was spectacular (Paula Deen’s recipe) and we (Patrick, Vanessa and Keith) filled ourselves to overflowing with beef!

Patrick and I didn’t head off to Forest Lawn until Christmas morning which worked out okay as the traffic was extremely light. We took our usual wreath and poinsettia plant to Mike’s grave and, once again, marveled at all the tacky decorations on lots of the other graves. It was a beautiful day, though, and somehow it seemed a bit less tacky than in years past.

I’ve spent most of the remainder of my time off talking with family and just laying around. I just can’t get motivated to do much else. This crud in my head and chest has really been a downer and I’m ready for it to be over!

I did miss seeing Robin this year. He’s old enough to understand all about Santa and was excited beyond belief! Maybe next year…

So the decorations will stay up for another few days and I’ll start putting it all away on Friday. Have to go to work tomorrow and Thursday, and then am off again for another 4 days as the Rose Parade madness begins. Not looking forward to that craziness at all!!!