Next week at this time I’ll be in Seattle…and I have lots to do before I leave. And then I got sick last night. Yuk. I woke up at about 2:30 sneezing and coughing non-stop. I knew I should have taken a Mucinex before I went to bed ’cause my sinuses were dripping into my throat. Instead I just went to sleep. So I was up until ~4 am until the meds finally kicked in. Decided to stay home from work today to get some rest and to make sure I didn’t have something that I’d spread around the office to others. I think it’s a sinus thing so I think I’ll be okay to go in tomorrow. But I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn for the 7 am Finance Committee meeting. Screw that. Not really necessary that I be there and I need to get a full night’s sleep. And, hopefully, this crud will be short-lived.

Between now and next Tuesday I need to get my house cleaned, do a bit of shopping at Target (groceries) and PetSmart to stock up on cat food and litter. Got all my bills paid and just need to schedule a couple of payments online for while I’m away. And finished my taxes yesterday! Need to check one item and then I’ll send everything off. I’ll be getting a little over $2,000 back combined from the Feds and State. Will pay off a small balance on my MasterCard and the rest will go to savings.

I’ll do laundry this weekend and then start packing. Don’t need to take too much for me, but I have a bunch of clothes and other stuff that I bought for Robin. (I’m his grandmother, that’s what I’m supposed to do!) My flight leaves at 11 am on Wednesday, so I’ll have to be ready to leave the house at about 9 am. Thank God I’m leaving from Burbank, so it’s only about a 1/2 hour drive. If I’m in good shape when I head off to work on Monday morning, then I won’t be too worried. The list making has begun.

We’ve had an unbelievable amount of rain ever since the outside watering ban began last week! It’s great for my plants, but I kind of regret soaking them heavy duty last week. The extra water didn’t hurt them, but now seems unnecessary. We got something like 4″-5″ of rain over the weekend and it started raining again today with another 2″ predicted. And there’s going to be more rain this weekend. The ground is completely saturated and all should be fine until I get back from Seattle. I’ll be using some of my stored water on the plants on my front porch, but haven’t needed to use it for anything else.

In between all this I’m trying to watch the Lakers, a few TV shows and the NCAA March Madness. I actually made bracket picks this year and am doing fairly well. Too bad I’m not in any kind of a pool where there’s some benefit to making the picks. Maybe I’ll buy a lottery ticket so I have a chance to win something. Or maybe not.