This past week has been beautiful autumn weather. And now it’s summer again. The temps are expected to be close to 100 degrees by mid-week…and I’m really not ready for this. I don’t mind the 80’s, but the 90’s (and 100’s!) are not supposed to happen in October! So far they’re saying we shouldn’t have any Santa Ana winds, so we can only hope there won’t be any fires.

I worked in the yard yesterday doing a bunch of trimming. We had a huge rainstorm last Wednesday (it was great!) and a number of the branches on my bushes were pulled down almost to the ground. It was impossible to move around one end of the pool–meaning the pool guy couldn’t clean when he comes on Wednesday. So I had to get busy. While I could have done more, I completely filled the yard waste can and didn’t want to leave a mess for the gardener. So other trimming will have to wait for another nice weekend when the temps are back down in the 70’s-80’s. The backyard does look nice, though.

The cats have been loving the outdoors this weekend. Nate and Sophie were out most of the day and Hayes has been in and out. Poor Mitsy still has to stay inside until she gets spayed. I expect that will happen on the 18th, so she should be able to go out toward the end of the month. We’ll see how she does. I’ve been very lucky that the others come inside when called. I’m hoping she follows after the others…

Meanwhile, Nate is still having medical problems. He is licking off the fur on his legs as well as a few other small spots on his body. He was tested for ringworm and the tests came back negative so I have another appointment with the vet on Tuesday. I’m also going to switch litter as I’ve read that some cats develop an allergy to some kinds of litter. What a nightmare this has been.

Not ready for work tomorrow. Weekends really are too short.