Went to the doctor today for my annual checkup and am happy to report that all is well. BP = 120/80, no weight change and no real problems. Still have to get a mammogram and colonoscopy (yuk) as well as a multitude of blood tests, but the doctor doesn’t expect to find anything. Let’s hope.

Probably won’t schedule any of the tests until I get back from Seattle since I really won’t have enough time between now and next Thursday to take off work. Sounds like a good excuse since I’m *really* not excited about either, especially the colonoscopy!

Getting eager for this new baby to arrive! That’s how it was with Robin, too. I didn’t really get into the fact that I was having a grandson until near the end. Of course with Robin, the end came sooner that we all expected! At this point, though, it could be any day. I keep waiting for the phone call…

Grateful this weekend is a 3-day so that I can get all my laundry done and packed as well as getting the house cleaned. The nasty cold I had last week really did a number on my house. In other words, I haven’t done any cleaning since I can’t remember when! At least I won’t be staying up all night on Wednesday!