…cool weather?! How fabulous is this?!!! It’s overcast and cool outside! I can open windows and let the coolness permeate my house for the first time in a long, long time. Don’t know what the temperature is outside, but it seems almost cold compared to the heat we’ve been experiencing. No doubt it must be 30-40 degrees lower than the 105-110 temps of the past week. Certainly a great day for Patrick and his friends to be loading up their vehicles to head off to Burning Man.

While the heat has been a big part of the misery of the past week, other things decided to rear their ugly heads as well. I came home from work on Wednesday only to find a note from my pool man saying that the motor for the pool pump had died and I needed to get a new one. I called him that night and we’ve set up an appointment for him to replace the motor today. I checked online to get some idea of pricing and it seems these motors run from about $300 all the way up to $1,200! He’ll be doing the entire job for $320. I’m sure he must buy the motors in bulk (or get them from someone other than a pool supply company) and is able to replace the motor for a lot less than what I would pay to do it myself. Plus, Patrick is just not available to do this right now, what with leaving for Burning Man tonight and all the prep he has to do today. So I’m happy to let the pool man do the work.

Yesterday I pulled into the parking lot at work, rolled down my window and used the parking card to enter the lot. As I pulled into my space, I rolled up the window only to hear a loud clunking noise. And then the window slowly rolled back down! I tried to roll it up and…nothing. I called my mechanic and was able to get the car into their shop right away. The motor for the window had failed and needed to be replaced. Additionally, after they checked the car over, they found a wheel axle (?) was shredded due to something hitting it from the road. I trust them since they’ve been working on my cars for over 20 years. So, $650 later, I have my car back and all is running well once again.

As Kevin commented to me last night, it’s a good thing I got my new bed and ordered the new bedding and rug for my bedroom before all this happened. I probably wouldn’t have been so eager to make these big purchases otherwise. Oh well, it’s only money. And now today I’m going to go spend some more.

I’m going to Sears to order a new dishwasher since mine has completely died. Well, not exactly died, but it is making some terrible noises when it runs and I’m afraid to use it any longer. It is probably 20 years old and really needs to be replaced. Sears is having an appliance sale so I’m hoping to get one for a relatively decent price–probably around $400 when all is said and done. And they will install it for me. I’m taking a vacation day this coming Friday, so am hoping I can schedule it for that day.

So now I’m off to get a few things done around the house while it’s still nice and cool. I can actually do some work without having to take a break in front of the fan every half hour! I know this won’t last, so I’d better take advantage of it while I can!