So now it’s just a matter of when this new baby will arrive. Soula goes to the doctor today where she’s hopeful they will decide whether it will be a c-section, or to induce, or to just wait for this little guy to come on his own. And while he will be little in comparison to Robin, the general consensus is that he will be rather large (8-10 lbs?). But who knows. All signs point to large but you never really know until the kid comes out.

Robin is very anxious about his new brother and when he will arrive. Robin likes a very ordered life. M-T-W-T are school days. F-S-S are home days. Christmas is on 12/25, Halloween is on 10/31. His brother will be born on ??? That just doesn’t work well for Robin. He wants an exact day. Not sometime in February. Not maybe tomorrow. It’s a good thing they can tell him that grandma will be there on Thursday, 2/23. He can easily relate to that.

Meanwhile, I’m having a lot of difficulty at home trying to motivate myself to get ready for the trip. I’m able to do bits and pieces here and there, but don’t seem to completely finish any one thing. Some of the laundry is done, some of the kitchen is cleaned, some of the shopping is completed. It hasn’t helped that I developed a sinus infection last week just after recovering from a bad cold. Have been doped up with sinus meds to the point where I have little energy for doing much of anything. The good news is that my sinus cavities are beginning to clear today! It’s been 5 days since I could breathe freely! I’m hopeful I’ll be in relatively good shape by the time I leave on Thursday. Taking lots of meds with me just in case.

Finally got new tires on my car yesterday. A flat tire on Friday made the decision for me. I knew I needed to do this months ago but holidays (and sickness) allowed me to keep postponing it. Nice to have that done and not have to worry about sliding my way to work the next time it rains!

The cats will no doubt be furious when they realize I’m not coming home next Thursday night. And then they will become very confused and anxious when others come to feed them and then they are left alone again. And not going outdoors for 10 days…I don’t even want to think about what the house will look like after they’ve been penned up for that long! Nate continues to have anxiety issues resulting in urination in places other than his litter box. We’ll see what inappropriate spots he chooses while I’m away!

So I’m off to start in on my endless list of chores…and more waiting for some news from Seattle.