The waterbed draining process didn’t take as long as I expected–only about two hours. And then Patrick and I dismantled the frame and I hauled it all out to the driveway. I spent the remainder of the afternoon removing the old carpet from under the bed (it actually looked great after having been hidden away for 24 years!), cleaning up the padding, removing staples and tack strip from the wood floors, and trying to scrape old paint spills from the floor. I need to get more razor blades in order to finish the paint scraping and still need to do some painting since I had forgotten that I was unable to complete painting the walls and trim behind the bed two years ago! It’s not a lot of painting to do, but I just ran out of time to finish it up today.

Tonight I made the list of all the stuff I’m getting rid of in the unlimited trash pick up on Monday. It’s great that the city will haul all this away, but I need to call tomorrow and provide a list of all the stuff that I’m putting out at the curb. There’s lots that I have kept over the years thinking that I would someday need it. No more! I’m getting rid of as much as possible. I’ve held onto too many things for too long and I’m doing my best to get rid of it. I still have lots to remove from the garage, however most that remains in there can fit into my regular trash can and can go out in stages. And some of the stuff out there needs to go to the hazardous waste site–old paint, cleaning supplies, oil, etc.

So tonight I’ll be sleeping in the back bedroom since there’s an air conditioner in that room. The cats are very confused. They can’t figure out why there is no longer a bed in my room and don’t understand why the back bedroom door is open allowing them access to that room. No doubt they’ll be even more confused tomorrow when the new bed comes in–and when they see they can go underneath it!

Well I’m off to try to get some sleep in a regular bed.