Took Nate to the vet last week since he’s been peeing EVERYWHERE. I was really hoping he had a urinary tract infection since that’s easy to treat. Of course, that was not the case. Turns out he has crystals in his urine and the vet is prescribing some special cat food for him. I’ve read about this online and it seems that most people recommend not feeding dry cat food and stick to only wet food. Also, cat food with no (or low in) ash content is recommended. So, I’ll be switching the cats to nothing but wet food after I get back from Seattle. They will no doubt like this since they much prefer the wet food.

All but Hayes, that is. I’ve tried everything with Hayes and he just won’t touch the wet food. He used to eat some kinds when he was a kitten but, even then, he turned up his nose many times. So I doubt I’ll have much luck switching him over. Oh well…

Meanwhile, I caught Sophie peeing in a basket of clean towels yesterday. Great. It cost $140 to find out that Nate doesn’t have a UTI. And the crystals in his urine is something that’s more prevalent in male cats, so I’m going to guess that it’s a possibility that Sophie might be the one with a UTI and treat her with the antibiotics that were prescribed for Nate. I don’t need them for Nate and I’d rather give them to her and hope that solves the problem. The medicine won’t hurt her, so it’s worth a try. And it could save me $140. Here’s hoping.

And then there’s little Mitsy who is still absolutely adorable as well as absolutely wild and very much a kitten. She tears through the house playing with all the other cats and having a great time. And then she jumps up on me and cuddles and purrs forever! She is just so cute! Right now she is curled up behind me in a cat bed with her favorite toy right beside her. She’s the only cat I’ve ever had that has had a favorite toy. Again, she is just so cute! Her only fault is that she loves to purr and lick. She licks whatever skin she can get to the easiest–arms and necks being her preference. It wouldn’t be bad except that she likes to knead with her front paws and her claws are sharp! A small price to pay for all her cuteness!