Patrick came over yesterday and we started in on the garage–and I can easily equate it to a dig! I had started in with a few boxes and tubs on Saturday, but really hadn’t ventured into the bowels of the garage. It’s amazing today compared to what we started with yesterday! And, between the two of us, we’ve emptied 6-8 large Rubbermaid tubs and at least 15-20 storage boxes! I filled both the recycling can and the trash can (both of which were picked up this morning) and I’ve already started refilling the recycling can.

To put this all in perspective, I still have a ton of trash to get rid of! Even though we’ve emptied all these containers, the majority of it is either at the side of the house or still in the garage in a big pile! I will either need to put as much of it into the trash can as possible each week or schedule another unlimited trash pickup. I’ll probably do both, but it’s nice to have a good chunk of the garage sorted and ready to go.

I’ve got another 1/2 dozen boxes that we brought in the house yesterday that I’ll be going through tonight and tomorrow. Most of that is paper, so I can easily get rid of most of that in the recycling bin. And then I’ll start in on my office and the closet in the office. It’s amazing how many paper items I thought were important to keep all these years!