…but just for a day tomorrow. And, I’m kind of glad since I’ve been doing almost nothing for the past few days. Just can’t get motivated. Went to the grocery and to PetSmart, but that’s about it. It has been nice to sleep in every morning though!

I did get my front flowerbed planted and it looks quite nice. Having to water every day to keep the new plants from wilting, but am hopeful they’ll take root and won’t require as much water soon. Fortunately the weather has been very mild for August, so only have water the rest of my plants about every other day.

Mitsy did great on Monday during her visit to my office. Everyone loved her (of course!) and she stayed fairly calm and let lots of people hold her. This will probably be her last visit anywhere except to the vet’s office.

Also got to spend the afternoon on Tuesday visiting with Vanessa who, it seems, I haven’t seen in ages! It was great to visit and talk with her poolside for the afternoon.

Have been doing a bit of cooking since many things (cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers and eggplant) have started ripening. So far everything is quite yummy and was well worth the effort!

I’m going out first thing on Friday and will get the paint for all the trim on the house. And then will get started on the painting as well as cleaning out the garage. I need to do at least one day in the garage in order to maximize my trash can usage. I’d like to fill the can as much as possible this week and next. Hopefully, I’ll also have a lot of stuff to donate to Goodwill and can make numerous trips to their pickup station down the street as I’m able to fill the car. Glad I still have nine days remaining to get some of this stuff done.

Let’s hope the weather stays mild!