Officially I guess my vacation begins tomorrow, but I started in on ‘projects’ today. Since I’m planning to paint the trim around the outside of my house, I had to trim back the ficus tree just outside the front door since it was overgrowing the house. In the process, I ripped out a couple of spider plants that had taken over the front flowerbed and cleaned up all the leaves in that bed. I’ll fill in that bed with a few new plants and it should look great!

Probably won’t get lots done tomorrow (other than the planting) since I’m taking Mitsy into work to visit everyone! She’s still small enough–and enough of a kitten–so that I can take her in without her getting spooked out by a new place and lots of people. I’ll do the planting in the morning, then a bit of cleaning and will take her in around 3 pm.

And then on Tuesday, I’ll really start in heavy duty. Trying to decide whether to paint or clean the garage first. I guess I’ll decide on Tuesday, depending on my mood.