I’ve been having pains in the back of my neck for about 4 weeks.  I think it’s due to stress as well as sitting in front of the computer for countless hours every day.  I’ve noticed that when I spend time working outside in the yard or cleaning the house the pains seem to disappear.  So I decided to get rid of the pains today.

Cleaned up the flowerbed that was coated with all the residue from the pool filters.  What a mess that was!  I filled the orange Home Depot bucket four times with crud.  Thankfully I did it when I did ’cause it started raining just as I was finishing meaning all the chlorine laden stuff was not there to soak into the soil around my roses and the hydrangea bush.

Came inside and decided to get busy cleaning.  Got the dining room and living room completely cleaned, top to bottom.  Still need to clean the carpet and wash the wood floors, but the rooms are no longer cluttered and both look neat and clean.

Then I stripped my bed all the way down to the mattress.  Washed the mattress pad and both comforters and now have a nice fresh bed for tonight.  It’s such a pain to completely strip down a waterbed!  As long as I was washing the pad, I washed down the mattress as well.  So nice to have that done.  Now if I can just keep the cats off it for awhile so it doesn’t get covered with cat hair for at least a few weeks.

Tomorrow I’ll be vacuuming the family room, ridding that room of clutter and cleaning the kitchen.  I’ll also be doing more laundry and (if I have time) cleaning my bedroom.  Probably won’t get it all done since I also have to do some accounting work for one of my clients.  But I’m feeling much better about how the house looks and how I feel.

Wanted to get some more yard work done this weekend, but it’s supposed to rain most of the day tomorrow (which we need), so I’ll stay inside instead.  That’s probably better since outside stuff tempts me to not do the inside stuff.

Since I’ve got about 45 min to wait until my big comforter is dry, I guess I’ll try to get a bit done in my bedroom yet tonight.  How nice it’s going to feel to walk into a nice clean and orderly house when I come home on Monday!