The temps are supposed to get down into the high 20’s tonight.  Don’t know how cold it is right now, but it feels as cold as I can ever remember it getting in So.Cal.

Last night I washed the comforter from Murphy’s doghouse so that he would have somewhere to sleep today that was warm and comfortable while I was at work.  Tonight when I let Murphy out to pee I noticed he was barking–something he only does when someone is in the yard or out front.  I looked out the kitchen door and saw Murphy looking into his doghouse and continuing to bark.  What was in there?

A stray cat that is continually wandering the neighborhood–the one that has been Loki’s nemisis for over a year–had taken up residence in the doghouse for the night.  No doubt he discovered it to be a nice warm spot to camp out of the cold.  He ran out when I opened the door and Murphy chased him off.  Now that Murphy’s back in the house I expect he’ll return to the nice warm bed I’ve provided.

While I don’t want him to take up permanent residence here, I do hope he’ll come back and get out of the cold this evening and this weekend.  I feel sorry for any animal that is left outdoors in this kind of weather.