Patrick and Veronica came over on the 1st for our pork and sauerkraut dinner.  And then Vanessa stopped by later in the evening for a few leftovers.  Spent most of the day prior to dinner watching the Rose Parade a couple of times.  It was a great parade this year–especially when the rocketman on the Oklahoma float flew down the middle of Colorado Blvd. 

Since then life has been hectic and stressful.  Started back to work on Tuesday and have worked late every night so far this week.  I have soooo much to do at work, being constantly busy every minute I am there.  Have had a headache every day since I went back to work.  God I hate January.

The weather is changing here, although I think it’s just briefly.  The temps went down about 10 degrees and it’s raining right now.  The rain is not supposed to last and it’s supposed to warm up to the 70’s by Saturday.  Still gotta take down the Christmas decorations, so I’m hopeful the weather cooperates.

Am ready to get Christmas put away and getting January over with.