The new doors and one of the family room windows are installed! The contractor put in two large 4×4 pillars in which to mount the new doors. Doing this lifted up the sagging roofline by about 2 inches in the center! He’s doing a great job in that he is also replacing old rotted wood and tearing out bricks in one corner of the room that we think was part of a garden planter before the family room was added on! It seems that the add-on was done by someone who lived here at least 25 years ago (maybe more) and that they did all the work themselves. It certainly isn’t up to today’s code standards and it’s really a wonder that it’s held up as well as it has. Good that I decided to do all this now as I think things could have gotten so bad that a major repair job (costing thousands of dollars) would have been necessary in a year or two.

All the new windows make this room look absolutely huge! I thought the side windows made a big difference, but the back windows really change the room’s appearance! Am anxious to see how it looks in the morning when the sun comes pouring in…hopefully the UV tint will keep down the glare–and the heat. I think I’m going to get some linen-like curtains. Don’t think I’ll need the heavy insulated drapes any more and really hope that’s the case so that I won’t have to hide the windows.

Work has been hectic. Am trying to get lots caught up from summer so that I’ll be ready for the Finance Committee meeting next week. Unfortunately we have lots of other things happening that take away from work time. Today we had a farewell luncheon for one of the priests who is leaving for a job at another parish. Next Tuesday we have a bus trip to Newport Beach to celebrate Javier’s 25 years at All Saints. Also, this Sunday is Homecoming Sunday so that means I have to go to church since they ask staff members to attend one of the two services to be introduced to the parishioners. We do get a great free lunch, though!

I’m trying to do so much at home and at work and am having trouble trying to balance the two. Tonight I’ve done nothing at home except tube it and be on the computer. I just needed to take a break…

It’s 10:30 pm and there’s nothing on tv, so I’m going to set up my coffee pot and head for bed. I’m pooped!