I love all the cool stuff at Home Depot, but I am developing a hatred for that place as well. I’ve purchased room darkening window shades twice so far and they still don’t fit! I’ve checked my measurements and each time the clerk says she’s cutting them to match what I’ve given her, and each time I get home to find the blinds are too narrow! I guess I’ll try once more–maybe the third time will be a charm, as the old saying goes…

Murphy did great at the vet–except for his teeth. He goes in on Wednesday for teeth cleaning and probably some extractions. I expect I’ll be spending about $250 by the time he’s done. At least he doesn’t seem to have any other medical problems…for now.

The temps are still unbelievably high–in the 90’s–so it’s been rough getting much done around the house. I got some of the stucco painted and got all the carpet torn out of my bedroom, but that’s about it. Had hoped to at least get all the painting finished, but just can’t work in the heat and sun. The weather is supposed to cool down by next weekend. Here’s hoping.

Kevin has finally set the date and place for his wedding–May 23, 2005 at the Venician Hotel in Las Vegas. Much closer than Seattle, so that should make at least the travel easier. He’s now trying to determine how many folks will be attending so they know how big a space they need. Their budget is tight, so they won’t be inviting everyone they’ve ever known…mostly it will be just family and close friends. It’s kinda nice knowing I won’t be making a big trip next year, meaning I won’t have to fly anywhere! Hopefully this will be the last family wedding for at least a few years!