Another weekend, another list of “to-do’s.” Would really like a weekend where I could sit and play video games (haven’t even looked at ‘Harvest Moon’ yet) but just have too much to deal with right now…

The windows are still going in, but very slowly. The bay window is in (in my bedroom), but the drywall needs to be taped and patched, the trim needs to go up, and the stucco and roof outside needs to be finished. So, I don’t expect to have all that completed until the middle of next week. Then I’ll need to start painting in there so that I can hang some curtains/drapes.

The back of the house in the family room hasn’t yet been started. The contractor hopes to have it finished by next weekend. We’ll see…

Am going to start painting the patched stucco today. Hopefully I have enough leftover paint. Also plan to finish tearing out the remainder of the old carpet in my bedroom. At least I can turn on the a/c while working in there.

The windows are absolutely great, but I’m frustrated at how long it is taking to finish the job. The contractor is great, but his broken leg has really slowed down the job considerably. I think he feels bad ’cause he’s fixing small things at the house while his son and another guy do the heavy work. Yesterday he fixed the latch on my front door so that it closes easily without twisting and turning the knob till it catches. He also fixed the vacuum thing at the top of my kitchen door, rebolting it to the door where the previous screws had pulled out of the aluminum door. I would love being able to just turn him loose and say do whatever needs to be done! Doubt I could afford that, though.

Meanwhile, I’ve decided to forget about cleaning since the dust from all this is neverending. Plus, I have plenty to do with just keeping up with the painting after they finish each window.

Getting ready to leave soon to take Murphy to the vet. He hasn’t been for awhile and I know they’re going to tell me he needs his teeth cleaned. I’ll probably go ahead and do it since Patrick just noticed that he lost 2 teeth within the past month! Don’t know what happened, but they’re just not there. Also, he seems to be scratching alot so I think he needs more flea medicine. Oh well, it’s just money….