Last night the contractor called and said there would be a change of plans…he needed me to move all the furniture that was near the front window of my bedroom ’cause they were going to rip everything out and install the bay window today! So, I started packing up all the doo-dads sitting around my room and moving furniture–at 9:30 last night! Of course when I moved out the large dresser (that hasn’t been moved for years) there were tons of nasty cobwebs all over the wall, so I started the vacuuming at 11 pm. Have you ever seen any of these cobs spinning all those webs that seem to be everywhere? Got everything packed and moved and cleaned and covered with plastic dropcloths before heading off to bed at midnight.

Got home tonight to find this absolutely gorgeous bay window installed! It looks great from the outside, but unbelievable from the inside–my bedroom looks huge! Still lots of finish work to do–drywall and trim on the inside and stucco on the outside–but I am sooo happy with this new window! Tacked up some sheets to cover the window tonight so that I can sleep in the morning and so that all the neighbors can’t see inside since my bedroom is now wide open.

Just realized something–I either have to have drapes to cover up everything (and ruin the bay window effect) or keep my bedroom really clean so it doesn’t look trashy from the outside when everything is open! There must be some kind of compromise…will have to do some creative thinking on this…. Maybe some decorative blinds along with the drapes.

If everything inside the bedroom is finished by this weekend, I may have to start in painting. Which means I gotta decide on colors. Aarrgghhh! Gotta finish ripping out the old carpet first. At least there’s a window a/c in there in case it’s still 100+ degrees again this weekend.

Also gotta start painting lots of stucco patch and trim outside. Too much to do! The contractor will finally begin his work on the back door and windows next week. Turns out one of the windows never got delivered as the window company sent it to the wrong place! Thus the delay in working out back. The contractor hopes to have that part cleared up next week and hopes to have everything done by next weekend. It’s been a real mess to go through, but the final result is sooo worth it!!!