…or so they are now! Got home from work, hauling in groceries and pet food. The house was hot since it had been closed up all day and the temps outside are in the 90’s. I started opening windows and doors, walking through the family room to open the sliding door. That’s when I saw “the line.” It looked as though the carpet had been scraped, with a squiggly line remaining from whatever was dragged across the room. I looked closer and saw them…hundreds (actually more like thousands) of ants crawling across the carpet! Rushed out to the kitchen to get the ant spray and saw where they were headed–the dry cat food in the kitchen! The trail went from the cat food through the dining room, all the way across the family room carpet, along the back doors and windows and out a small opening at the edge of the window. I’ve never seen so damn many ants inside my house at any one time! I think the window contractor jarred one of the old windows loose, allowing for the opening. Welcome home!