“The Vault Project” at work has resulted in 3 days off with pay! We have an underground vault at work that houses all the utility connections (water, electric, phones, etc). At the last inspection by the City of Pasadena, they noted that it was falling apart and needed to be replaced. So we’ve had a huge hole dug in the ground just outside my office and a new vault installed last week. This week they had to shut down all our power/water/phones in order to reconnect everything through the new vault and then fill in the area of the old vault with a slurry/concrete mix. Nice to have everything closed down and three days off work! Hopefully all will be working again when we return on Friday.

I haven’t done much while home but decided I need to get started on a few things today. I can’t go back to work on Friday having accomplished nothing for three days! Patrick is moving into a new apartment on Saturday and will be coming over to pick up his old bed (temporary till he gets a new one) and a chest of drawers that is his but wouldn’t fit into his previous apartment. I’m going to get started in there ‘freshening’ the bed with Fabreeze and clearing out a few miscellaneous items that were being stored in the chest of drawers. Also need to go through the linen closet to find a couple sets of sheets for his bed.

And, I have to give Nate a bath. You heard right, a bath. He’s got some spots in his fur where the fur is disappearing and the vet thinks it may be ringworm. So I have some special shampoo and have to bathe him in it every four days. I’ve been putting this off since I’m not looking forward to having my arms shredded as I lower him into the water, but I have to make an attempt soon.

Off to get busy…