Kevin is coming to LA tomorrow for a short business trip. Decided to take Friday off and have spent the past two days trying to get some stuff done around the house. The back room where Kevin will be sleeping was piled full of towels and sheets that needed to be folded and put away. And I needed to do lots of laundry and general cleaning. So an extra day off helped lots.

However, trying to keep ahead of the cats has proved to be quite a bit of work in itself…culminating with Nate peeing all over a cardboard box sitting on the kitchen counter tonight! Just when I think he’s okay and is peeing in the litter once again, he pulls a stunt like this! I keep planning to take him to the vet and then he starts using the litter box once again so I think he’s fine. And then he starts peeing wherever. I just cleaned all the litter boxes, so I know it’s not that. So I’ll call the vet and get him in to see if he has a UTI. It’s always something it seems.

Meanwhile, I got all my laundry done, washed all the family room curtains and rehung them, cleaned out my closet, cleaned the grill, and did a bit of yard work. My next task is starting in on getting rid of stuff from the garage. Unfortunately, it’s too hot right now to really start in out there. So I’ll probably bring a few tubs inside and work in the house until the temps cool off a bit.

At least most everything is done for the weekend and I can enjoy Kevin’s visit tomorrow. Just wish he could stay longer than one night.